Bikeroo Comfortable Black Bike Seat for Women


      • ENJOY MAXIMUM COMFORT ON LONG DISTANCE TRAVELS - Having the wrong type of bike saddle cand really ruin the fun of a nice bike ride. Most times the pain is from an incorrect saddle/body fit, bad saddle design. We at Bikeroo have created this saddle with maximum comfort in mind
      • CUSTOM MADE FOR WOMEN ANATOMY - The wide seat, short nose and center relief make this saddle the perfect fit for the typical women bone structure
      • SMOOTH LEATHER WITH NICE FINISH - We want you to enjoy your ride and that's why we went over the top to make sure you feel awesome and have fun riding your bike with your friends and look good doing it
      • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We want you to love our products. If you are not 100% satisfied, we offer 60 days Money Back Guarantee. If our saddles or saddle covers do not improve your comfort please contact us and we will refund you the money. With that, you have no risk.
    Color Black
    Item Dimensions 2.36 x 7.8 x 10.2 inches
    Material Type Quality Faux Leather
  • We offer 60 days Money Back Guarantee and above this we also have a comfort guarantee.

    If our saddles or saddle covers do not improve your comfort please contact us at and we solve the issue within 24h

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Questions & Answers

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  • How do you mount this saddle?

    Hi Alex

    Actually it's preety easy. You will find the mounting tools in the package and it also includes the adapter and mounting instructions, so you really get everything you need to get this done quickly.

    Here's also an extra video with more instructions in case you need it.


  • Why does this seat have a hole in it?


    This bike seat has a hole for two reaseons:

    1. Ventilation
    2. To avoid to much friction and pressure for the intimate area


  • Hei! Do you think it will fit on a XtremepowerUS spin bike?

    You can be sure it will fit on all XtremepowerUS spin bike models. Thanks!

  • Is the adapter difficult to mount on an old seatpost?

    The adapter comes with instructions and it will take approximately 3 minutes to mount it.

  • Is this saddle good for a small woman?

    Yes, I think it would be good for you too. You can check the dimensions and see how it would fit on your bike!

  • got a stock saddle on my stationary bike which is really hard. do you think there's any big difference between a stock saddle and this one?

    I can guarantee that this saddle is much more different than a stock saddle. Its comfort will make you feel the difference right from the first ride. If you don't see any difference, you can return it and get a full refund.

  • does this relieve the pressure for women?

    Hello Jolene,
    Yes, the seat is designed for women's anatomy and it does relieve the pressure.
    Have a great day!

  • would it fit a cruiser bike? I have a black cruiser and I really like how this saddle looks

    Hi Clayne,
    Yes, it will fit for sure your cruiser bike. If you now enjoy how it looks, you will love how it feels after the first ride!
    Thanks for asking!

  • Will it fit an indoor stationary bike? I bought 2 saddles and noone of them fitted my bike

    Hello Klaus,
    I think it will fit if you use our adapter which is included in the package. Also, if you can send me a photo of your seatpost, I can tell you for sure if it will fit.

  • will you make this saddle full color soon?

    I didn't have it planned yet but I thinked of it. I will send you a personal e-mail when it will be available!

  • Did you mounted it on a Keiser M3 Plus??

    Hello Mona!
    I don't know this specific model but if you send me a photo of its seatpost, I can tell you for sure. It should be an universal fit, but better send me a photo and I help you asap!

  • Will this completely relieve perineal numbness?

    Hello Iza!
    It is designed to relieve the perineal numbness and I think you should feel it from the first rides!
    Have a wonderful day!

  • Will this work for a next mountain bike? How does it get mounted?

    Hi Darmian,
    I am sure that it will work on your bike. You have to mount it on your seatpost using the universal adapter that comes in the package. To make it easier, you will receive mounting tools and instructions too. Enjoy it!


  • Is this seat for ladies only?

    Hi Damian,
    No, it is designed for woman but when we've tested it we found it really comfortable for men too. Our clients are satisfied with it too, if you are searching for comfort, the design does not matter so much!

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