Short Guide on how to get back on your Bike if you are a Boomer

December 07, 2017

Short Guide on how to get back on your Bike if you are a Boomer

Not sure if biking suits you or not, or you once started but now you are endlessly delaying to bike again?

Nothing new, all of us are in one of these phases many times. But, remember, biking should be fun and relaxing, so if you regain the fun in it you will never drop it again.

That good news is that we have some tips and tricks for you in our biking magic bag, so let’s start!

1. New bike feels like a new car, new dress, new start!

New bike

Yes, we know the saying about how aging makes you buy an expensive car or an expensive dress! But you know why is so frequently seen? Because it really works! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive, it only has to be the right one and it will feel like a million bucks. Every time we buy something we love, either is a Porsche, or the perfect blouse that makes us look great, we feel fabulous. So, it worth changing your bike for a new appearance and some more properly adapted features. Over 80% of cyclist give up cycling because of the “something’s wrong” experience. Also, over 80% of the discomfort of the saddle or the wrong bike type. If you recognize yourself in this description: change the saddle and even the bike, if necessarily.

Choose the one that suits best the trips you dream to take, and, of course, the design that express you best.

Be careful to combine those two, because a great design doesn’t mean also the perfect match in terms of personal comfort. It can even be a pro bike but unsuited for your needs, so choose wisely. Without intending to be frivolous, we can definitely say that a bike change an appearance and give more personality to the biker.

If your bike is great and you are entirely satisfied with it, you can only change the seat cover with more personalized ones that will express the mood of the day. For some more special specific needs, there are also available gel cover seats that improves magically your rides in terms of painless rides.


2. Take a break from “musts”! Regain your freedom!

The kids are grownups now, but the they changed places with the nephews, we know and you feel like you need to be available for them always. Ok, this is great that you were a good parent and a better grandparent, but you have your life too and biking is the perfect motif to regain your lost freedom.

Just remember how it is to do stuff only for your personal joy. Take a 3 day biking trip, for example. Plan ahead, ride comfortable distances and spend the night in good places on the way. Don’t feel safe to ride alone for long distances? Follow our next tip!


3. Join a cycling club

Once you started cycling again, this will be the next greatest joy, trust us! You will never feel lonely, once you are in a place where people share the same passion. Here you have a good company and you will train better, because of the positive competition. But, more than this, you will discover new routes, try new rides, new places, new experiences and feel entirely safe in the same time. Maybe, you will meet here the love of your life or your future best friend, everything is possible. Don’t be ashamed about your motives, the majority of the people in the gang are here for the same reasons. From our experience, the club members always talk delighted about the new places they never been and lifetime memories they had. 


4. Riding for family fun

Family ride

The nephews will be delighted to go with you in some new and special places. Adolescents thing they know it all, but they are also the most sensible to discover and find new in everything. If you plan a trip with them and settle some interest points, they will say yes, no doubt about it. You have to practice a bit before your talent as a storyteller because they are very much into the story about something than into the thing itself. Ok, like the rest of us…


5. Get in the best shape ever

We looked at people seeming younger than others at the same age.

Why is that? Probably is genetically established in some proportion, but it is also about vitality and physical shape. You can look 10 years younger, only through regaining a good shape. If you are not ready for cycling outside, buy a stationary indoor bike until the next spring, get in shape and then go outside.

We told you about our experiences, it was enough to motivate you start? What’s is your best motive to bike again?

Here, on our blog there are many people like you reading and it’s very possible to really help someone to regain confidence in biking again.

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