Bikeroo Comfortable Bicycle Seat for Men


      • UPGRADE YOUR RIDE AND FEEL GREAT - Make your bicycle feel as new with your new cool design and great feel saddle, you will be able to ride longer and feel great
      • CUSTOM MADE FOR MEN ANATOMY - The Bikeroo padded bike saddle will relieve pressure in key points from the typical men anatomy to add comfort to your ride
      • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We want you to love our products. If you are not 100% satisfied, we offer 60 days Money Back Guarantee. If our saddles or saddle covers do not improve your comfort please contact us and we will refund you the money. With that, you have no risk.
      • EASY TO MOUNT UNIVERSAL FIT - The Bikeroo bike saddle upgrades ride quality for most bikes but it's best to use it on mountain bikes, road city bikes, fixed gear, touring, cruiser and even racing. It has a standard rails mount system.
      • GREAT LOOK AND SMOOTH LEATHER FINISH - Your bike will look amazing with this cool simple design, nice curves and great feel bike saddle. 

    Color Black
    Item Dimensions 3.93 x 7 x 10.2 inches
    Material Type Syntetic leather

    Saddle Weight: 1 pound

  • We offer 60 days Money Back Guarantee and above this we also have a comfort guarantee. 

    If our saddles or saddle covers do not improve your comfort please contact us at [email protected] and we solve the issue within 24h

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    Standard shipping 3-7 business days $4.95
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Questions & Answers

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  • Which one is good for a Hybrid Bike?

    Hi Glen,

    Thank you for your question.

    I sincerely want to help you to find the perfect saddle for your needs and I would appreciate understanding all of the details.

    I can definitely help you decide on what saddle to choose but I need to know more about you biking style (mountain biking, leisure, or bike commuting). Please include your age, height and weight. Also, can you provide me a specific bike that you are currently using or planning to buy? You can also send me a photo of the seatpost.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Kind Regards, Peter, Co-owner @Bikeroo  

  • How do you measure your reported saddle dimensions?

    Hello Lisa,   Thank you for your interest in shopping with Bikeroo.   The Women saddle is now available in and you may place your order by using this link:   Thank you and have a great day!   Kind regards, Peter Co-Owner @ Bikeroo

  • I recently bought your Men's saddle from Amazon. Their site claims that your product has a 1-year guarantee. Your site says 60 days. I may not get out for a ride to test your saddle for more than 60 days because of weather. So, what if I don't like it 3 or 4 months from now??? Thanks.

    Hello,   Thank you for contacting us.   I would like to clarify that we have a 12-Months Money Back Guarantee for any of our products, and even that the 30 days period of Amazon free return has passed, you can contact us anytime and we will assist you in returning the product if it does not meet your expectations. A full refund will be issued on your order after the product arrived back to us.   I hope this information helpsand if you have further questions, please feel free to let me know.   Kind Regards, Peter Co-Owner @ bikeroo

  • What seat do you recommend for a Ross english racer. My seat, a medium brown, is worn and cracking.

    Hi Ed,   Thanks for reaching out.   I can help you decide the best saddle that fits your need, just provide me more details about your riding style (casual, commuting to work, racing, mountain biking...anything) - please include your age, weight, and height so we can evaluate and offer a good recommendation.   Looking forward to hearing from you soon.     Kind regards, Peter Co-Owner @ Bikeroo  

  • Hi. I am contemplating purchasing two seats for two Specialized Role Sport bikes. First, i want to confirm that the BIKEROO COMFORTABLE BICYCLE SEAT FOR MEN and the woman's version will work on these bikes. (From what i've read I am almost certain they will). Second, I am visually comparing the male and female versions and I note the female version includes suspension coils underneath the seat. The male version does not. One of the bikes will typically be used by a woman and the other by a male. They are for recreational and leisure use on bike paths, mostly trips of 25 miles or less. The factory seats we use now result in sit-bone soreness. I was thinking of buying one of each, but why would I not like the suspension coils in the woman's version? Thanks. -George

    Hello George,

    Thank you for contacting us and for you interest with our product.

    Regarding your question, I can confirm that our seat can fit to your  Specialized Role Sport bikes without any issues.

    Also, in choosing the perfect seat, I understand how painful the original bike seats are and how it can affect in the total biking experience. The Men sand Women saddle were actually a great choice.

    The Men saddle are mostly used by active bikers, because it's great for mountaing biking or road biking. If you are really into biking and after a lighter seat, I recommend that you go for the Men saddle. Meanwhile, the Women saddle is a great for leisure and also light workouts. This seat is bigger and wider in actual as compare to the men saddle but even though the women saddle is specially made for female bikers, we have male customers who have tried it and enjoyed using it because of the comfort and extra padding. I personally use it on my road bike going to the office.

    Here you can find the products from our website:

    Men saddle:
    Women saddle:

    I hope you'll find these information helpful and if you have more questions, please do not hesitate to reach out anytime. I'm here to help!

    Kind regards,
    Co-Owner @ Bikeroo

  • Is this saddle a good fit for a mountain bike?


    Yes, this bike seat fits most mountain bikes and is very comfortable.


  • Will it fit a a fixed gear bike? I would like to use it on my daily commuter


    Yes this will surely fit most fixed gear bikes. It also comes with a saddle adaptor and so it will fit your bike seat post.


  • When do you expect to have the seats that are sold out?


    I think most of our bike saddles are available now.


  • What do you need to install this bike seat?

    Hi Adam,

    The saddle comes with an universal Bicycle Mount Kit(adapter and mounting tools) and all the instructions you need to mount your new bike saddle, in 10 minutes.


  • Is this bike seat comfortable without bike shorts?


    Yes, this bike seat it's designed to increase your comfort even if you don't wear bicycle shorts.


  • Is the faux leather waterproof?


    The bike seat is water resistant.

    The good thing is the package also contains a waterproof bike seat cover.


  • What are the demissions?

    Here are the dimensions for the Bikeroo Men Bicycle seat: 3.93H x 7W x 10.2L inches
    Thank you

  • Is it waterproof? Or at least dries quickly?


    Although the materials used are very durable, we recommend to keep it out of the rain. The saddle dries very fast, but it is better if you protect it using a waterproof rain cover. 
    Thank you,

  • Will this work on a rode bike?

    I am sure it would work on a road bike. You will love it!


  • Is the padding a gel-type or ?????

    Hi Richard, It is extra padded cushion but not a gel type. I am personally using it on my bike and I can tell you that it is comfortable.  Thank you! Peter

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