Top winter meals for powerful bike rides

During the winter, our body puts extra effort in a regular activity due to the additional resistance (rain, snow and sleet), the weight of additional clothing, thermoregulation and inefficiency of cycling, so we must also adapt our body supplies too.
So what should we do to enhance our body performance and keep it natural balanced through nutrition?
Before the ride
More recently, research has demonstrated that while rates of fat and protein oxidation remain relatively constant during exposure to cold, carbohydrate oxidation is stimulated, with studies suggesting the dominant source being muscle glycogen, particularly as shivering intensifies, or when plasma glucose levels are low.
Couple this with the carbohydrate demands of longer rides, and the risk of glycogen depletion increases, which can lead to dips in performance and early fatigue, increasing the risk of injury, particularly on icy terrain.
But it’s not just early fatigue – glycogen depletion can also impair thermoregulation, resulting in more rapid decline in body temperature.
Solution? A carbohydrate meal with around 500 ml of fluid alongside, consumed 2-4 hours before increases carbohydrate stores and this can be followed by a small snack around one hour before.
During the ride
During exercise the aim should be to consume up to 60 g of carbohydrate per hour in the form of glucose. This can be in the form of energy gels, bars, fluid or other food snacks. When it is cold and our priority is simply to stay warm, then we must make a conscious effort to fuel during exercise.
And that’s another aspect we should take care about. One of the most overlooked aspects of fueling in the winter months is fluid intake.
The concept of hydration is immediately associated with hot weather and is deemed less important in the winter months, as a consequence many athletes end up exercising in a dehydrated state. Unlike in warm temperatures when physiological mechanisms prompt us to drink, feelings of thirst are blunted in the cold, despite sweat loss. And as recognizing thirst becomes more difficult, the risk of dehydration increases.
In one study comparing the hydration levels of athletes performing cold or warm weather sports, the cold-weather team had the highest incidence of dehydration, with voluntary fluid intake insufficient to meet the demands of exercise.
Warm fluids may be tolerated more readily when exercising in the cold, and can increase your motivation to drink – try an insulated container or wrap your sports bottle in clothing or a sock to prevent it becoming too cold. You should also be able to open any drink bottle with your gloves on.
After the ride
Recovery after exercise should start within 30 minutes of finishing, a carbohydrate and protein combination is ideal at this time. This is particularly important following training in the cold. A drink containing a fast digesting protein (whey or soy) and a high glycemic carbohydrate is a convenient way to initiate recovery. This should be followed by a meal soon after, for example carbohydrate, rice, pasta with lean protein like chicken, salmon and a selection of vegetables.
We also recommend 9 aliments that you should eat as much as you can: quinoa, berries, salmon, beans & legumes, pasta, bananas, cruciferous veggies, nuts & nut butter, chocolate milk.
Those 9 aliments provide the entire combination of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and vitamins you need to have the perfectly balanced and healthy nutrition the whole winter.
What are your favorite winter recipes? Share them with us! We love to see. 

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DIY: The best homemade sports drinks

Do you always feel tempted to buy those great looking energy drinks in the supermarket or sports shops?
If you are aware of all the table of ingredients, that’s just fine, but many of us just don’t know what really mean those complicated ingredients we read on the label. And the effects can be very unpleasant.
Too much caffeine or other stimulants in the drink can produce heart problems, insomnia, anxiety or headaches and migraines.
To enjoy entirely the benefits of those energy drinks is to prepare it ourselves at home and to mix all the natural ingredients that substitute the chemical ones, with the same boosting energy effect.
You have to know that there are three main types of sports drinks: isotonic, hypertonic and hypotonic.
The isotonic drinks are designed to quickly replace the fluids which are lost by sweating. They also provide a boost of carbohydrates. The body prefers to use glucose as its source of energy. Sometimes it is better to consume isotonic drinks where the carbohydrate source is a concentrated form of glucose.
They are commonly drunk by athletes, especially middle and long distance runners, but all professional sportspeople use them in their daily training regimes.

Homemade Isotonic drinks

Coconut water is one of the simplest sports drink alternatives and can be used as is.
The rule to make your own isotonic drinks is to combine The Base (one of the following natural liquids) with the Extra Ingredients.
Don’t forget that the proportions are essential!
Healthy base liquids are: herbal teas, coconut water, plain water
To turn the basic liquid into a sports drink, add some or all of these Extra ingredients:
Salt – A high quality salt adds sodium and other minerals.
Calcium or Magnesium – Adding a high quality calcium magnesium powder helps replenish minerals (I like this one.)
Juice – Optional but adds sweetness and natural sugars if needed during exercise.
Natural Flavors - Add natural flavors in the form of fresh ginger, fresh herbs, or even natural flavored stevia extracts.
Recipe 1
Too cool and true
200 ml ordinary fruit squash
800 ml water
A pinch of salt
Mix them all together in a jug and cool down in fridge.
Recipe 2
Fruit rush
500 ml unsweetened fruit juice (orange, apple, pineapple)
500 ml water
Mix them all together in a jug and cool down in fridge.
Recipe 3
Hydration booster
50-70 g sugar
One liter of warm water
Pinch of salt
200 ml of sugar free squash
Mix, cool and drink
Homemade hypertonic drinks
Choose a hypertonic drink if you need extra carbohydrates. Hypertonic fluid replacement drinks contain more sugar, so they are ideal for replenishing fluids and calories following a heavy workout. A hypertonic drink is one that has more salt than normal cells, so it will draw water out of those cells with osmosis. These drinks can also be helpful for restoring energy during and after a long-distance run, such as a marathon. The best time to drink them is after exercise as they help your body to top up on muscle glycogen stores. However, it is advisable to only use them alongside isotonic, because due to the higher concentration of sugar the water in these drinks is not as easily absorbed without an isotonic drink to rehydrate and refuel after a workout. Hypertonic drinks can also be useful as part of a weight gain regimen.
4 cups or (one Liter) of water
2 cups of fruit juice (any kind) OR 2 cups of tea and 5 tablespoons of sugar
a pinch of salt
Homemade hypotonic drinks
Hypotonic are designed to quickly replaces fluids lost through sweating. Unlike isotonic and hypertonic drinks they are low in carbohydrates.
Choose a hypotonic drink for trying to keep your weight down. A hypotonic fluid replacement drink contains fewer calories and is best for athletes who are trying to maintain a certain weight or for those who are trying to lose weight. Hypotonic drinks have less salt than normal cells do, so water goes into the cell more easily than if you drank a hypertonic drink.  They are good for losing or maintaining weight because they contain fewer calories and carbohydrates as well as less sugar.
They are very popular with athletes who need fluid without the boost of carbohydrate. Jockeys and gymnasts use them regularly.
4 cups or (one Liter) of water
½ of a cup (about 100 ml) of fruit juice (any kind)
a pinch of salt
We hope we convinced you that the best way to stay hydrated and energized is the natural one, the one you control 100%!

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Yoga-cycling! Top 5 stretches to improve your cycling performance and flexibility

 To stretch or not to stretch? This is the question.
The fact is that the more flexible you are, the more aero you can get—which helps you go faster with less effort. Regular stretching also quiets aches and strains that can limit your mileage, speeds the replenishment of muscle-glycogen stores, and helps counteract the effects of aging, which causes muscles to lose elasticity.
Poor flexibility — and its consequences — don’t just give you bad posture and hike up your injury risk, but also your cycling performance.
But when is the perfect time to stretch?
Many of us would think that this is the step that has to be done before a ride. Well, that’s not true!
Before a ride is not the best time to stretch, because your muscles are cold, and you make them more susceptible to injury, plus static stretching (in which you hold a fixed position) can reduce power output for up to an hour.
Instead, take time for it post-ride (or later, after a hot shower), when your muscles are warm.
Take 10 to 15 minutes four days a week to do these flexibility exercises (after riding or just being home) and you will soon see the results. It’s also recommended to be consequent with 10-15 minutes four days a week than an hour once a week.
Here we have 5 exercises that will improve your flexility for a better ride!
1. Downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
                                                                                                                                       foto credit: YogaJournal 
Deservedly one of yoga's most widely recognized yoga poses, Adho Mukha Svanasana, offer the ultimate all-over, rejuvenating stretch. Deeply stretches the back, opens the chest, and builds upper body strength.
This posture stimulates the brain and nervous system, improving memory, concentration, hearing and eyesight. Avoid this pose if you had recent or chronic injury to the back, hips, arms or shoulders or unmediated high blood pressure.
We recommend you have to watch a YouTube yoga trainer, to be absolutely sure you do it right. When you first try Down Dog, you may feel tight in areas you never knew existed.
2. Expanded leg pose (Prasarita Padottanasana)
                                                                                                                                              foto credit: beYogi
Therapeutic applications for this stretching exercise are so many, that you could not believe.
    • Boost confidence and reduces depression
    • Soothes the brain and the nervous system
    • Energizes the heart and lungs
    • Reduces blood pressure
    • Relieve stress-related headaches, migraine and fatigue
    • Tones the abdominal organs
    • Relieves lower backache
    • Relieves stomachache by neutralizing acidity
    • Strengthen the knee joint and make the hip join supple
    • Regulates menstrual flow
Begin with your feet very wide apart (the wider apart the feet, the easier it will be on the hamstrings). Placing your hands on your hips, inhale deeply and then bend forward on the exhale, bringing the torso only as far down as you can while maintaining a long spine. If your hamstrings are particularly tight, the knees can be bent slightly, releasing any tension in your back.
3. Half-pigeon pose
                                                                                                                            foto credit: Healthy Treatments
 This pose is perfect for tight hips because it stretches the hip rotators (the buttocks area) and the hip flexors (the long muscles that run along the front of your thighs and pelvis).
It also requires substantial external rotation in the front leg and substantial internal rotation in the back leg. If you practice it consistently, you'll notice an incredible suppleness throughout your practice.
4. Revolved belly pose (Athara Parivartanasana)
                                                                                                                         Foto Credit:Health Goes Female
Stretch both arms outwards along the floor to open the space between the shoulder blades then, as the lower back gradually releases, straighten the legs out slowly, aiming to eventually have your toes touch the hand nearest them.
For stiff backs particularly this is a great stretch. It releases tension in the spinal column, hips and shoulders and relieves discomfort in the lumbar spine. Lying on your back with your knees bent, bring them into your chest. Inhale and, with the next exhalation, roll your knees to the right side and rest them on a pillow.
 5. Recline hands-to-toes pose
                                                                                                                                             Foto Credit: Yogkala
This gentle hamstring stretch helps to open the hips and reduce low back pain. It also stretches the groins and calves, while strengthening the knees. It can be therapeutic for sciatica, flat feet, high blood pressure, and infertility.
This pose also stimulates the prostate gland and improves digestion.
If you run, bike, swim, play sports, lift weights, or spend a lot of time sitting down, you might be familiar with tight hamstrings. These rear thigh muscles can get stiff from both overuse and underused, but practicing yoga regularly helps to increase the flexibility of these muscles. Incorporating this pose into your yoga practice or post-workout stretching routine will create a greater range of motion in your thighs, which will enhance all of your activities.
Now, boys and girls, we chosen the most challenging and efficient poses in stretching and we though of the most important criteria you might have: back pain, relaxation, muscle flexibility etc. Now, you have to watch some good yoga trainers on YouTube doing this poses and try replicate them as correctly as you can, because the efficiency depends strictly on the posture correctness.  
There are lots of great yoga trainers that will train you in less than 2’ for each posture.
See you next time, until then you’ll already have a feline flexility!

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Which is best – cycling or running?

 You already know our answer from the start, we would definitely choose cycling.
Our option is partially subjective, so we will bring you both sides arguments and you will decide for yourself what is best for you.
Now, let’s find out what is your goal first!
Do you want to lose weight?
True running burns more calories per mile, but most people can’t run as many miles as they can ride, especially if you’re a little out of shape or have some weight to lose.
When you run you need to lift your body weight up off the earth to propel yourself forward.
Then you have to come back down, striking the ground and absorbing those impact forces. Both of those things make it considerably harder to run five miles than to ride twice or even three or four times as long.
Running is also less forgiving of extra pounds with every excess pound slowing you down.
Excess weight makes hills harder on a bike, but on the flats?
If you are prepared to run as much as you could pedal, you will lose weight easier by running, but if you don’t have resistance and you feel that you will train longer by cycling, than cycling is your winner.
The most important thing is to be able to finish a 30’ – 1 hour training.
Doing either exercise regularly will help you burn the calories necessary for fat loss. The harder and faster you run or bike, the more calories you'll burn. 
As an example, if you want to lose 1 pound of fat, you need to burn roughly 3,500 calories. If you weigh 155 pounds and run or cycle at a moderate pace for one hour five days a week, you could burn a pound of fat in less than a week.
But science shows that one exercise may be better for you than the other. In a study published in 2014 in Brain, Behavior and Immunity, researchers observed competitive runners and cyclists during a 3-day period of intense exercise.
The findings showed significantly more muscle damage, muscle soreness and systemic inflammation in the group of runners.
Researchers concluded that cycling puts less stress on the body and cyclists are able to train longer because of this.
The principal investigator Professor David Nieman said he recommends cycling over running for beginners looking to get in shape.
Do you easily get bored of repetition?
If you get bored running in the same park or neighborhood, than you should choose cycling.
You can ride very long distances and change the landscape often, plus you can enjoy the longer trips along with other cyclists.
There are many excursions organized by the cycling clubs and you can enjoy riding within the most astonishing sceneries and various terrains.
There are literally hundreds of amazing bike tours you can take all over the world. If you have a restless heart, cycling is the best for you.
Do you want to meet new people?
Again, cycling.
This is not our fault, but cycling offers much more opportunities for people to socialize by joining a biking club, for example, or traveling around with the club members.
People are bonding during the challenging or exciting experiences and many single people find life friends or love partners in the place where others follows the same passion as they do.

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How to clean your muddy dirty bike

Hi, there, 
Did you just took the highest hill and your bike looks like you challenged the canyons?
This should be the smallest thing to worry about. We can do magic to vanish the whole mess and you can confidently challenging yourself as much as you want in the future.  
So, we have a very, very dirty bike! Let’s start do something about it.
First of all, you have to access your magic box with the top cleaners for bikers.
We prepared for you a small guide with the most efficient solutions for bike cleaning.


 1. Brushes

This complete collection of brushes definitely helps with hard to reach areas cassette and derailleur, or any other hygienic dead corners. In the kit you have: bike clean mitt, gear clean scraper, gear clean brush, tapered detail brush, tire scrubber, frame tube cleaning brush tackle any cleaning difficult job. All the brushes can be used to all bikes, mountain bike, road bike, road bike, city Bbike, hybrid bike, BMX Bike, folding bike.
You can totally trust their efficiency!

2. Bucket, hosepipe and sponge

Everybody has it because are some of the simplest items on your bike maintenance checklist, but also some of the most important. To help loosen any dirt, give the bike a good soaking first with a garden hosepipe or a pressure washer, but avoid directing the full power jet up close into joints around the bottom bracket or headset as you risk blasting dirt in and washing the lubricating grease out. Then clean it with the sponge and
rinse again with fresh water. As simple as that!

3. Bike cleaning solutions

Made using the highest quality ingredients to protect your bike, the cleaners are the most used cycling lubrication in the world.
You can easy use, just “squirt on, hose off” and the compound quickly cleans dirt, clay, road grime, and chain soils. You will see for yourself the high speed cleaning effect, plus the rust and oxidation inhibitors will protect metal surfaces, prevent flash rusting and greatly reduces drivetrain and bearing friction.
Bike cleaning solutions are designed to help loosen and remove dirt without damaging the paintwork or material your bike is constructed from.
Make sure the cleaner you choose is safe for use on both metal and carbon.

4. Degreaser

The ultra fast degreasing and cleaning action break down grease and grime without brute force, and are ideal for getting the built up greasy crud off your drivetrain and cassette. It’s formula is non-poisonous and biodegradable is used to clean your chain and other moving parts. Keeping the drivechain clean is very important, because dirt will speed up wear throughout the transmission, impact on shifting performance and reduce efficiency.
If you will use a chain cleaning sponge (essentially a sponge with a groove cut into the top) the cleaning of the chain will be very easy and efficient.

5. Brake cleaner

This magic cleaner is formulated for use directly on disc, pads and other friction surfaces and materials. A good brake cleaner should remove oil, grit, grease and brake fluid, without affecting brake performance. Some of them claim that even rehydrate brake pads to prolong life and reduce squeal.
You will see that it removes grease, grime and brake fluid from all friction surfaces instantly. It is also fast drying, leaves no residue and contains environmentally friendly ingredients that are safe on all plastic and rubber parts.

6. Bike Polish

This is the closure step after you totally cleaned your bike!
So, adding a protective polish to the frame and components expels water from the bike, will protect it against corrosion, while creating a shiny finish where applied.
The advantage of using a product such as this is that dirt finds it harder to stick to the protected areas, making your bike easier to clean next time round.
Remove your wheels before applying a spray polish, also take care not to get spray on any of the braking components or braking surfaces. If it will go on brakes, this will severely reduce your ability to slow down, making your bike unsafe. If you didn’t knew that and spayed it all over,  you'll need to strip and clean your brakes.
You have now your bike cleaned, protected and shinny looking, so, all you have to do is to choose your spot for the next adventure and forget about cleaning worries once and for all.

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Bikeroo Gel Seat Cover - No1. in Top 7 Best Seat Covers

Cycling is FUN. Painful rides, are NOT.

We at Bikeroo, continuously struggle to design the most comfortable products to eliminate the pain out of your cycling sessions and help you stay active. 

This is why we have always stated that our Bikeroo Comfy Gel Seat cover is one of the comfiest bike seat cushions on Amazon. The same did all of our happy clients that have sent us amazing reviews.

Now, we have the final confirmation. 

After intense hours of research, Wiki Ezvid, the largest and most comprehensive video wiki on the planet, declared our Bikeroo Large Seat Cover, the top choice for the most comfortable Bike Seat Cushion. 

We’ve created the Bikeroo soft bike saddle cushion to help you enjoy all your bike rides and trainings without feeling pain.

Therefore, if you are still looking for the most comfortable gel seat cover to slip on your stock uncomfortable saddle, add it to your cart HERE and discover how comfort feels like. 

See you next time. 

Peter from Bikeroo


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BIG Yes for joining a biking community! 6 true reasons!

We always try to share with you our experiences and talk honest about things related to our biking passion, but not only.

Today we will talk about reasons to join a biking community, but most of all about the more personal ones. We all know that is healthy for body and mind to bike as much as your time allow it, but there are also other reasons to consider when you decide to join new people with the same passion.

Let’s see the 10 big yes!


1. You will never feel lonely

Biking community

Let’s be honest, every passion is a great way to escape the everyday routine and challenge yourself…but, sometimes, you will feel like you need someone to share with all this joy and love for new discoveries.

That’s nothing wrong if you don’t have a partner, or if he/she doesn’t share the same passion. The biking community puts you in the same place with people like you, willing and happy to meet someone new, so you will always be welcomed with open arms. Don’t let you age stay in your way, because, indeed, age is just a number.


2. Many is more fun than one

Fun ride

It might sound a bit kinky, that’s because we are Europeans! But give us some credit, will you? You can discover the world biking, but it will never be so fun like when you have cheerful people by your side. This is what a biking community make for us. Be prepared, to hear all kind of jokes, the gang will make fun of everything, maybe, some on your account, but it worth it, you can have the time of your life!


3. You can go places, you wouldn’t dare by yourself

This is a big, big YES to join a biking community.

We all have goals for which we never had courage, even if we didn’t gave up hoping that “someday”… Tomorrow is an abstraction, so better start today.

Being a member in a biking community challenges you to travel places and distances you never thought, discover places you’ve never been and live experiences you’ve never experienced before. In the end, is all about discovering YOU again.

You will find that you have more strength that you knew, or that you are more curious and determined that you thought about yourself before. That daring adolescent still lives in any of us.


4. Zero risks, 100% fun

This is a more rational argument, but with the same importance like the previous. Riding with the gang allows you to try new routes in the same time being entirely safe, because it’s all prepared in advance.

Maybe you are not great with the orientation and felt vulnerable to give a shot to new trails, or maybe you were not sure about the risks involved and abandoned the trip.

Now, you don’t have to worry about all that, you can join all the trips with open heart because the routes are tested and well-known by the organizers.


5. Competition reveals a better you

There is a positive competition which is about being as good as someone you admire and start, let’s say, a partnership.

You can help each other with advises, tips and tricks to improve the performance and become every of you better. The ability of learning from others, in few words.

As adults, we forgot to learn from others and feel insecure when we are not on our highest level or we don’t know something. Now is time to remember that you don’t need to be perfect, you can only desire to be better.


6. Find a friend for life

Friend for life

Never say never!

Having the same passion, going together through challenging experiences and beautiful trips, makes you discover the other and sometimes becoming inseparable.

Once you truly discovered someone, it almost impossible to let go!


As a conclusion, say YES today to cycling club! You will train better, get a good company, discover new places and bottom line: a better YOU!

Please do share with us if you are more into joining a biking community now, after you read our thoughts!

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How to store your bike over the winter

Hello guys,

Today we will talk some grownups stuff as we are adults (maybe you, not sure about our colleagues), so we will go into some advice to the best storage of your bike through the winter.

Garages, basements and even large closets all offer popular and practical options, but it’s important not to rest a bike’s tires on bare concrete for long periods of time. Otherwise, concrete will draw moisture from the rubber tires, drying them out, according to Ohio-based Century Cycles.

Garage storage for bike

Does the bike need special preparations before being stored?

Yes! Definitely! You need to check all the points here and it will be great for your bike next spring. This is why we told that this are grownups things, we all enjoy the rides and less the work.

So, let’s start!

1. Lubricate the cables or chain

If you store your bike in an unheated garage, or outbuilding, then it’s a good idea to lubricate the cables and chain. To avoid problems with rusting or poor performance in the cables that may pop up in the spring, take a few minutes to lubricate also the cables that control your brakes and shifting. But if your bike will be placed in a heated room, this won’t be necessary.


2. Inflate the tires

Be sure to fully inflate your tires, especially if you are going to store your bike resting on its wheels and not suspended from a ceiling. If you store your bike in an unheated garage you can take the tires off and bring them inside to a heated area.

This will protect the rubber on the tires. If your tires are flat, the weight of the bike sits there pressing down through the rims on one spot on the rubber all winter long. Over time, that can cause deterioration of your tire as the rubber can end up distorted and/or the tire can develop a weak spot in the side wall.


3. Don’t store the bike in the sunlight

Bike storage over the winter

Either you decide to hang it from ceiling or place it on its own wheels, the bike should be protected by direct sunlight, unless your windows are new and UV protected. The reason is that the sunlight can dry and split the side walls of the tires.

Other useful things you can do to store the best your bike are to wipe down tires, saddle and handgrips, inspect tires, wheels and brake pads and clean your chain.

But….If you want to skip all this work, you can simply take your bike to a bike repairs place and they do all this for you. 

That’s should be it with the grownups stuff for today!

Either you would do it yourself or choose to go to the mechanic instead, don’t forget to take care of the winter preparations, that’s the most important. 

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Short Guide on how to get back on your Bike if you are a Boomer

Not sure if biking suits you or not, or you once started but now you are endlessly delaying to bike again?

Nothing new, all of us are in one of these phases many times. But, remember, biking should be fun and relaxing, so if you regain the fun in it you will never drop it again.

That good news is that we have some tips and tricks for you in our biking magic bag, so let’s start!

1. New bike feels like a new car, new dress, new start!

New bike

Yes, we know the saying about how aging makes you buy an expensive car or an expensive dress! But you know why is so frequently seen? Because it really works! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive, it only has to be the right one and it will feel like a million bucks. Every time we buy something we love, either is a Porsche, or the perfect blouse that makes us look great, we feel fabulous. So, it worth changing your bike for a new appearance and some more properly adapted features. Over 80% of cyclist give up cycling because of the “something’s wrong” experience. Also, over 80% of the discomfort of the saddle or the wrong bike type. If you recognize yourself in this description: change the saddle and even the bike, if necessarily.

Choose the one that suits best the trips you dream to take, and, of course, the design that express you best.

Be careful to combine those two, because a great design doesn’t mean also the perfect match in terms of personal comfort. It can even be a pro bike but unsuited for your needs, so choose wisely. Without intending to be frivolous, we can definitely say that a bike change an appearance and give more personality to the biker.

If your bike is great and you are entirely satisfied with it, you can only change the seat cover with more personalized ones that will express the mood of the day. For some more special specific needs, there are also available gel cover seats that improves magically your rides in terms of painless rides.


2. Take a break from “musts”! Regain your freedom!

The kids are grownups now, but the they changed places with the nephews, we know and you feel like you need to be available for them always. Ok, this is great that you were a good parent and a better grandparent, but you have your life too and biking is the perfect motif to regain your lost freedom.

Just remember how it is to do stuff only for your personal joy. Take a 3 day biking trip, for example. Plan ahead, ride comfortable distances and spend the night in good places on the way. Don’t feel safe to ride alone for long distances? Follow our next tip!


3. Join a cycling club

Once you started cycling again, this will be the next greatest joy, trust us! You will never feel lonely, once you are in a place where people share the same passion. Here you have a good company and you will train better, because of the positive competition. But, more than this, you will discover new routes, try new rides, new places, new experiences and feel entirely safe in the same time. Maybe, you will meet here the love of your life or your future best friend, everything is possible. Don’t be ashamed about your motives, the majority of the people in the gang are here for the same reasons. From our experience, the club members always talk delighted about the new places they never been and lifetime memories they had. 


4. Riding for family fun

Family ride

The nephews will be delighted to go with you in some new and special places. Adolescents thing they know it all, but they are also the most sensible to discover and find new in everything. If you plan a trip with them and settle some interest points, they will say yes, no doubt about it. You have to practice a bit before your talent as a storyteller because they are very much into the story about something than into the thing itself. Ok, like the rest of us…


5. Get in the best shape ever

We looked at people seeming younger than others at the same age.

Why is that? Probably is genetically established in some proportion, but it is also about vitality and physical shape. You can look 10 years younger, only through regaining a good shape. If you are not ready for cycling outside, buy a stationary indoor bike until the next spring, get in shape and then go outside.

We told you about our experiences, it was enough to motivate you start? What’s is your best motive to bike again?

Here, on our blog there are many people like you reading and it’s very possible to really help someone to regain confidence in biking again.

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The key accessories for your perfect ride

Forget about that saying “no pain, no gain”, it might be applicable in everything but not in cycling.

It’s ok if the pain comes from the extra effort that challenges yourself, metaphorically speaking, but, in general, physical pain is almost never a good sign.

Here we chosen the essentials accessories for the perfect ride, not only in terms of physical comfort, but also the ones that make you feel really good.

1. Comfortable bike seat

Comfortable bike seat

It should feel like sitting on fluffy cloud while conquer the world mile by mile!

With the perfect one, you feel only the effort of extra miles in your physical shape, not…sorry - but it is what it is – like a pain in the ass. That’s nothing wrong to return it because it doesn’t feel good.

Don’t settle for “it’s something wrong with my body”.

If you ordered it online and never tested before, you can change it with something better, many of the online stores owners are bikers themselves and they can help you with great tips if you ask for their advice.      



2. The royal treat for saddle!


Feels like sitting on 10 pillows if you put an extra gel seat cover over your heavenly saddle. We agreed that you won’t settle for less.

Easy to use, almost all suitable, the gel seat cover is the perfect choice.

Now we are curious what you will find next for not to ride pretexts.


3. Second Skin Gloves

Skin Gloves 

High quality PU leather cycling gloves, soft, comfy and warm, let you feel the winter is not cold this year.

Unlike cheap imitations, these gloves are soft, not scratchy. You can even text without removing them. But, please, don’t text while riding.

Full palm & five-finger touchscreen technology makes texting, operate touch screens while wearing this touch screen gloves, works on smart phones, tablet PCs etc. Non-bulky design allows for superior movement & quality materials provide resilient strength & dexterity.


4. Breathable Clothes for Cold and Wind

Bike Wind jacket

You won’t feel like in a sauna, or so dressed so much you could not move in it.

These clothes are especially designed to protect you from the cold weather, but in the same time to allow you the flexibility like you’d wear a t-shirt.

The reflective brand logo and stripe keep you safe in darkness and the zipper pocket and back pocket are totally safe for storage.


5. Good Shoes and Better Protection

Bike Shoe cover

Shoes for road bikes have protruding cleats that make walking difficult but provide excellent support for power during races.

Cycling shoes are designed to be light and stiff for efficient pedaling, usually with mesh panels to keep your feet cool in the summer, and with a sole that's designed to be compatible with clip-less pedals.

If you are a pro, you need those especially designated ones, but if you are a leisure rider, you can cycle in a pair of good trainers. Either ways you need to protect your shoes from dirt or water. So, don't let the bad weather ruin your bike ride, just put the shoe covers over your shoes and you are ready to go.

Water and cold will not bother you on your bike ride if you wear proper protection.


6. Ultralight handy travel backpack, water resistant. 

light bike back pack

As we talk about key accessories, the essentials, we can’t miss the perfect companion for trips.

This compact backpack is the perfect companion when you are out and about. Perfect for day trips, vacation, travel, day hikes, school, camping and shopping. Main pocket is large enough to carry what you need in the trip. Outer smaller pocket is great for quick access such as guide books and camera.

Inner zippered pocket is a perfect place for valuables such as cash, credit cards and passport.

Choose your color and ride on!

7. Energy for extra miles

Why don’t put extra pleasure in your rides?

The stylish and cool holder is especially designed for your small guilty pleasures, coffee, tea, hot chocolate. Made either of artificial leather or steel, the cup holder attaches to a basket or your handle bars as a bike holster.

It is also multi purpose, because, some of them fit great with coffee cups, root beer bottles, water, or phones!

 Water bottle for bike

8. Ride in style

This is maybe the accessory that women would put it first in our article, also our women colleagues here, but they made a compromise this time.

We have to admit that the bike basket is not only the essence of chic, but it is also very practical for small groceries. That’s nothing more beautiful than to ride on a Sunday morning with it filled with flowers, a bottle of wine and hot french croissants.

 Bike basket


Now, give us a tip with your essentials! What are the indispensable top 3?

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